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How we started

228 Pharma Trading humbly started in May 2009, with only limited products, clients, and suppliers. Our office and storage are located in the owner’s residence with a minimum space to work on. It was established in dedication to providing affordable and quality products of medicine within the reach of a common man.


Since 228 Pharma is dutifully dependable on its commitment, other suppliers began to propose more products that brought on more clients, hospitals, doctors, and chain drugstores. Its principal activities are to market and distribute both branded and off-patent pharmaceutical products to hospitals and chain drugstores and most importantly, to conduct business in a manner that creates lasting value and makes a positive impact on people everywhere.

With the collective efforts of all its employees, 228 Pharma Trading is continuously expanding and currently serving in the following Regions: Region 3 provinces, Reg. 4A and MIMAROPA (4B), the Bicol Region (Reg. 5), and Region 6 the Panay Islands, manned by 16 Territory Managers and 5 District Managers.


228 Pharma Trading is well-positioned to meet the mission of bringing innovative branded and generic products to the market in a cost-effective manner, and to our partners, the medical practitioners who support our vision to improve the health and quality of life of the people.

• To be one of the national top providers of Pharmaceutical products


• To provide quality products at affordable prices that will benefit patient compliance

• To provide the best services and the best customer relationship

• To train more leaders and positive employees in helping our company to attain our vision

• To continuously develop our line of products to cater the demands of the changing pharmaceutical market

• To embrace change and innovation, and create enormous market shares in hospital accounts

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